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Parts of a Motherboard and How They Function

Since the advent of the integrated circuit, computers have evolved into more sophisticated machines that combine highly complex components. The single most complex component of a modern-day personal computer is the motherboard. A motherboard is a thin plate with embedded conductive tracks for providing electrical power and communication routes between PC components. The parts of a motherboard work […]

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How To Test Motherboards: Easy Hacks for Beginners

Having some motherboard troubleshooting problems lately? Learning how to test motherboard issues can be tricky. Similar to CPU problems, the system does not accurately point to the problem. Whenever a motherboard has some problems, a computer runs slow, randomly freezes up or restarts, won’t boot to the OS, or won’t start at all. Additionally, the system can lock […]

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Can I Upgrade My Motherboard and CPU Without Reinstalling Windows 10?

Upgrading your computer’s motherboard or CPU will help improve its performance. However, when the time comes for you to upgrade those computer parts, some concerns might arise. You may wonder and ask, “Can I upgrade my motherboard and CPU without reinstalling Windows 10?” That’s because you’re afraid you might lose all of your stored files […]

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