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The CANSOFT MBM5 SERVICE is a program, or rather an NT/2000/XP service that wraps itself around the MBM5 executable. The Cansoft service allows MBM to run while the user is logged off.

Upon boot, the service will launch MBM so there is no need to ask MBM to do this, as MBM itself will only try when logging in. Also, if the user logs off and MBM closes, or if Motherboard Monitor closes for any other reason, the service will turn MBM back on.

PLEASE NOTE: The service itself is NOT the actual Motherboard Monitor program nor written by the author of MBM. To obtain the Motherboard Monitor program itself, please go to The Motherboard Monitor home page.

Since MBM is no longer being updated and will eventually go stale, the Cansoft MBM Service can be downloaded Free! Click HERE to download the Cansoft MBM5 Service (download no longer available). Thanks to all those who have purchased a copy in the past.

FOR NT/2000/XP

CanIO is a DLL and kernel mode driver combination (.SYS) that allows Win32 applications to get port access in Windows NT/2000/XP/.Net.

The DLL determines your OS and then, if required, will call the kernel mode driver. The kernel mode driver will assign port access rights to your application on requested port ranges.

This DLL/SYS combination is different from other Port IO applications in that it provides access based on a port-by-port basis and it has been tweaked to avoid the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) for users who need to run a full DOS screen while an application, such as the Motherboard Monitor, runs in the background.